Phil D & Norm Lambert - 2/10/69 Phil D & Norm Lambert - 2/10/69

Phil Dee and Norm Lambert reading cancellations during a
17" snowstorm in Springfield - 2/10/69.



Early WHYN remote vehicle & news van


I was cleaning out one of the Dog Houses at the Tower Base of WHYN-AM and
found this letterhead. It's pretty beat up, but I thought it would be cool to add to the site.



Lou Terry Ron Savage Durham Caldwell

(L to R:, Lou Terry, "Ron-Ron" Savage and Durham Caldwell)

Jack O'Neil Gary Garrison

(L to R:, Jack O'Neil and Gary Garrison)

Norm Lambert Bob Allen Dick Booth

(L to R:, Norm Lambert, Bob Allen and Dick Booth)


Gary Garrison & Norm Gorham as The Admiral & Swabby
A terrific shot of the Admiral & Swabby
(Gary Garrison & Norm Goyer), From June 1961
Sent in by Frank Vazzana!


Billboard on the Main Street Railroad Bridge!


Phil & Bud showing entries in a Birthday Contest!
Phil D and Bud Stone showing entries in a WHYN Birthday Contest!


GREAT shot of Lou Terry on the air!


Bud Stone on the air in Studio 56 on Liberty Street!


Phil Dee on the set of Dance Party!


 Civil Defense Newsletter, "The Spotlight" highlighting the EBS Facility,
"The Bomb Shelter" Dedication at WHYN August 24, 1964. This edition was published for September 1964.

CD Newsletter head
Chuck Rooney in the Bomb Shelter
Chuck Rooney at the Microphone of the new EBS Facility in the basement of 1300 Liberty Street


Blair Brochure

The cover of Blair Radio Program Schedule from sometime in the early 1960's!


Inside cover of the Blair Schedule showing the Morning Line-Up!


Center page of Blair Schedule showing Afternoon Line-Up!


Right hand page of Blair Schedule showing Evening Line-Up!


Facts about WHYN you "Should Know".


Back cover of the Blair Schedule showing WHYN's signal at 1KW.

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