Below, a Springfield Republican article from September 5, 1946.  The predicted demise of AM Radio.

November 5th, 2011 was a bittersweet day ... I saw something fascinating but saw a huge piece of broadcast history come crashing down.
As "they" make way for yet another new strip mall on Page Boulevard in East Springfield the original WBZ towers that have sat atop the Westinghouse Building since 1921 had to be "removed" ... this was orchestrated by my friend Kurt Jackson.  But Kurt wouldn't let them go down before they served one last time.

Link to Facebook announcement of W1Z

W1Z went on the air on 75 meters from the legendary towers a little after 10AM. 
They worked over 75 stations from as far away as central Vermont and South Carolina. 
A little after 2PM W1Z signed off.

Before demolition of the towers, though, I had a chance to tour what was left of the site atop the Westinghouse Building.

Mike Fitzpatrick put together a GREAT page showing videos of the broadcast on W1Z and the ultimate demolition of the towers.

This is a view from the very base of the South Tower.


A distant shot of the North Tower - the rooftop structure to the right is presumed to be the transmitter shack.


Another shot straight up the South Tower.


This is a picture of the tower as it just started coming down.


And here it is just before it hit the edge of the building.



Thanks to my friend Chuck Herlihy for dropping a pot of gold in my lap!
He dug through his archives and found the complete design prints, applications and original license for WBZA! See below:


Tracy Carmen donated this copy of the "Springfield Journal" from November 18, 1999.
Terrific piece on WBZ/WBZA!

Here's a neat ad I extracted from the above "Springfield Journal"


The following stuff was taken from an incredible website American Radio History.
Whoever put this site together must have YEARS of work in to it.
It's full of amazing reference materials and Broadcasting annual reports.
When you go to the site be prepared to spend hours looking through the information available!


Here's some other cool stuff I've dug up from doing some research.
Most of what I collect is for Springfield's WBZ & WBZA
however I'll be posting some pretty cool stuff for Boston's WBZ as time passes.

Note this department of commerce report from 1927.
It still shows WBZ licensed to Springfield & WBZA in Boston.

WBZA - Springfield Jingle

WBZ - Boston PLUS WBZA in Springfield - Jingle

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