Probably one of the toughest transmitter sites to get to, atop Bare Mountain in Amherst,
the WRNX site sits directly above the old military bunker off of Route 116.  To get to it
you must hike from the Notch Visitor's Center to the top of the hill.
If anything needs to go up or come down you either strap it on your back in a backpack or
in the most extreme instances, you hire a helicopter.

Right after Clear Channel purchased the station we were tasked with upgrading the transmission facility; HD transmitter, Digital STL's, etc.

In order to accomplish this we had to coordinate a helicopter "drop" of equipment.



Once you get to the top you'll see the transmitter building and a tower;
an old military communications tower modified to hold the Shively 2 bay FM antenna.


Below is a picture of your ol' webmaster Chris reaching to grab the net-line as the helicopter hovered overhead.
I had forgotten to let the line hit the ground before grabbing it barehanded. 
Got myself one heck of a good static shock when I grabbed the harness!
I won't do THAT again anytime soon!


 As we near a new chapter in WRNX's legacy, we will keep you posted on our progress.  I'm happy to report that the worst
transmitter site in Western Massachusetts will be dismantled and moved over to the Ski Area side of Mount Tom in Holyoke.

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